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~ Yashika Manchanda

KP Sharma Oli (Prime Minister of Nepal) made an absurd claim about Lord Rama’s birthplace ‘AYODHYA’ that India has created a fake Ayodhya and Lord Rama was Nepali and blamed India of cultural encroachment. There is a line in our religious books, “Jiske uttar disha me saryu pravahit hoti hai, vo Ayodhya hai” (the spot from where Saryu River streams in the east is Ayodhya). What's more, there is no Saryu river in Nepal yet there is in India.

In my opinion, this is a tactic by China to divert our concentration to this absurd claim and therefore worsen our foreign relations also. China is trying to attack India in all aspects. let it be economical, as most of the things we use are made in China, or political, China is waging war in this health crisis COVID 19. This is the most noticeably terrible time for our nation to go for a war. Rather than helping the neighboring nations in this Pandemic, China is exploiting.


There are nations in Asia and Africa that need money and to take advance from the IMF and World Bank, they need to meet specific standards. Be that as it may, China is helping them. China is building a highway in Pakistan, financing a port in Sri Lanka and a lot progressively such undertakings in nations like Myanmar, Maldives and even Nepal. These nations will most likely be unable to pay back China. Here, China's Debt Diplomacy starts. Port in Sri Lanka should make opportunities yet it is predominantly EMPTY. It requires some investment for a nation to recoup the expense spend on infrastructure projects. In any case, if no one uses them, how might they recuperate costs.

Look at China’s different investments in last few years in the picture. Do you observe, India is encircled by China. This is Pearl necklace utilizing the economy to encompass India and remain arranged in the case of war. If there arise a situation of war, the attack is likely is to be from all the sides. With cash power, China has made its partners surrounding us.


The Government is carrying out its responsibility. The Government has banned 59 applications of China in this regard. Mr. Sonam Wangchuk clarified in his you tube video that remove Chinese software from your phones within a week and hardware from life within a year. We being citizens of India can use wallet force. Now, while buying something, we can search for alternatives of Chinese items. We have to boycott China completely. Fundamental duties in our Constitution states the 4th duty as ‘to defend the country and render national service when called upon to do so’. So this is the time to boycott Chinese items for our nation.

Sources: Times of India & Economic Times.


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10 comentarios

16 jul 2020

Like ur views on this

Me gusta

16 jul 2020

I am fully satisfied with your thoughts doing great work by giving important knowledge to society

Me gusta

14 jul 2020

Interesting topic👍

Me gusta

14 jul 2020

Great job bro

Me gusta

14 jul 2020

Good thoughts..

Like your views.

Me gusta
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