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~ Harshdeep Singh

Vikas Dubey's Encounter: In a progression of occasions that followed early morning on July 10, Vikas Dubey, the needed Gangster kicked the bucket during a police experience as he evidently attempted to escape in the wake of taking a gun from a cop. The experience occurred when Vikas Dubey was being brought to Kanpur from Madhya Pradesh by Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF). The vehicle conveying Vikas Dubey was evidently engaged with a street mishap. Vikas Dubey attempted to take a gun from an official and endeavoured to escape by discharging at the police officers. The police at that point fought back by terminating at him, during which he was harmed and was later taken to a clinic in Kanpur, where he was proclaimed dead.

Extreme downfall of Vikas Dubey happened 7 days after the disastrous firearm terminating in Bikru Village which killed 8 cops. The entire occurrence is stacked with doubt as the abrupt STF and police was not expected, as it was accounted for only some time back that Vikas Dubey has been caught and will be taken to Kanpur. The police has till now killed five of Vikas Dubey's men, who incorporated as his bodyguards. Vikas Dubey had more than 60 cases on him. His most recent Bikru Project which prompted the passing of the DSP and other sub overseers was a major slaughter, and landed him in a tough situation with the police. The toppling of one of the vehicles of the police pass on and the report about Dubey attempting to escape by grabbing a gun and assaulting the police anyway is by all accounts dubious. Dubey's demise very clearly benefits various areas of society.

It is accepted that Dubey had good terms with a few government officials. His capture and cross examination may have uncovered his nexus with legislators. In any case, every one of those government officials presently might be eased from the dread of truth coming out.

Dubey was warned about police attack in his home.

His demise covers reality with regards to those police authorities with whom he had close contacts. The UP government was accused for not setting up peace in the state and Dubey's encounter stopped one of the lawbreakers present in the state. Dubey's demise likewise benefits every one of those agents and contractual workers who were tormented for recover.

Petition in the Supreme Court

After the updates on Vikas Dubey's encounter penniless out, a petition came up in the Supreme Court that looked for security for the criminal. The solicitor had requested insurance for Vikas Dubey saying a few of his associates were killed in various killings by the UP Police. The appeal in Supreme Court said Vikas Dubey's partners and associates were all killed in encounters. Referring to the quantity of the encounters in the course of recent days wherein huge numbers of his helpers were killed, the Mumbai-based solicitor looked for security for the gangster. Extrajudicial killings in India are normal. The National Human Rights Commission and the Supreme Court have exceptionally spread out rules on encounters or extrajudicial killings. They have been set up to maintain a strategic distance from any sort of intensity maltreatment for the sake of the police or any power.


A PIL was documented in the Supreme Court by Advocate Anoop Awasthi looking for CBI/NIA/Court-observed test into the encounter killings of Vikas Dubey and his partners at better places in Uttar Pradesh after eight police officers were killed in Kanpur shootout. Another solicitor, NGO PUCL, looked for SIT examination concerning Vikas Dubey's encounter and a legal test into political nexus included. A letter appeal was recorded by Atal Bihari Dubey looking for test into the supposed phony encounter by the UP Police. A Mumbai-based legal counsellor, Ghanshyam Upadhyay, had recorded a supplication agreed he is a hardcore criminal. The court allows the privilege to life to each person. The police can anyway execute or harm the charged in self protection, when there appears no other alternatives. In the occasions that happened which prompted the murdering of Vikas Dubey were expected to save the secrets of many. The truth behind Vikas Dubey's encounter stays an inquiry, yet toward the day has ended he was a needed criminal, who had more than 60 pending cases, including the passing of 8 cops.

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