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The Constitution of India lists a number of laws to protect the well being and rights of women in India such as the Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961 which prohibits the giving and taking of dowry in marriages, the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act of 2005 which protects women from violence which may take place at their homes by the hands of her husband and his family or the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at workplace which prohibits any violence which take place at the place of work and offices and various other laws which uplift women and their status in society.

In the past history of India, there existed a significant amount of gender disparity and discrimination against women in India for which the leaders and policy makers took steps to stop all these malpractices taking place. India has envisaged gender equality as a crucial step to societal development but on the other hand, discrimination and violence against men is completely disregarded. No doubt, crimes against women is a more severe topic in many parts of India; however, inconsistent to the common belief, even men and boys can be subject to discrimination. Often women are seen taking advantage of the women laws and targeting men for their personal benefits.

How do Women misuse rights given to them?

In a survey report, it was found out that 75% of the rape accusations on men are false. Women put false allegations on men based on false evidences due to which innocent men have to bear the consequences and spend time in jail for a long time. The most misused law is the Anti -Dowry Law (Section 498A/406 of the IPC). Taking advantage of this law, women put fake charges on men as a way to extort money out of it. In a finding, it was clearly stated that every year around 10,000 cases of dowry Harassment are found to be false. Even Supreme Court, in one of its landmark judgement said that women are spreading “Legal Terrorism” in the name of dowry laws.

In a recent case of Amity University, Noida wherein two girls asked a gang of 30 goons to beat up the victims extreme brutally over a mere parking issue and even filed a fake molestation case on them. The injuries were so bad that one of them end up dead and one of them went to the ICU. Just for the purpose of self interest and revenge, women accuse men of fake claims of assault. In one of the case, a woman filed rape accusation on a man who refused to marry her after being in a live-in relationship with her. There are a number of such cases in India where women play their “women-card” and take great advantage of being female.

Need for Men's Rights

In India, discrimination between men and women is seen as a major topic of change and discussion. However, on the contrary, even laws here are discriminatory. There are no laws for violence and crime against men in our state institution. Men are expected to be fearless and not to be afraid of any challenging situation. If a man ever talks about any instance of sexual harassment that he suffered , he is being laughed upon and made fun of. Rapes, which are such heinous crimes happening with men also which are totally ignored by courts and the judiciary. A man gets arrested if he is being charged of rape without even looking at the matter of truth but if a woman commits such a crime, nobody even pays a heed to it. In the name of Feminism, pseudo-feminism takes place in our society wherein the feminists works for uplifting women and degrading men. The term “Feminism” actually means equality for all the genders and not regarding a specific one as superior. Any complaint of Harassment or violence against women must be taken into account only after a strict police investigation and after gathering true evidence and facts. Any woman if seen misusing her rights, must be punished by the law otherwise the men of our society will loose their faith in the judiciary system. To conclude, all genders must be treated as equal and judiciary should always work to find out the truth and punish the actual guilty.




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