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~ Yashika Manchanda

Most of the people whenever hear ‘LEGAL EDUCATION’, the next thought into their minds is about lawyers, courts, judges and hearings. Majority of the people take this as a subject for the law students only. But in reality, knowing the law is as much necessary as using social media. Knowing the whole law is not necessary, there is no need to learn all the sections or articles mentioned in several acts. The need is to know the basic laws of the country where you reside. By knowing law or gaining basic legal education, you can solve your several problems yourselves from the Consumer Protection issues to enforcement of your fundamental rights. The basic structure of our Constitution contains the provision of Rule of Law which means we are not governed by the government, rather we are governed by the Law and knowing about what is governing us is our responsibility.


I had met a lot of people who think that Law is a subject which is not their cup of tea. According to them, only law students, lawyers and anyone associated with this field is required to know about it and let me tell you, this is a wrong approach. Do you know that the fundamental rights assured to us in our constitution can be exercised by the people who are not the citizens of our country? Or do you know that ignorance of law is not an excuse in the court?

These are some basic legal facts which everybody should know. We should know about our rights that our Law provides us, our duties which we are required to perform being a citizen of this country, the methods to seek justice in case of violation of our rights and many more. For an instance, a police officer captures you without informing you the reason and doesn’t allow to inform your family and the situation is that you are not aware about the rights of an arrested person then there is no way to get out of it. But if you have legal knowledge, you can prevent violation of your rights. You would know how to enforce your rights and what to do on their violation.


Being a law student, I realized that having legal knowledge really makes a difference and also people usually start considering your opinion. If a person has basic legal knowledge then he/she can prevent himself/herself from the fees that lawyers charge to just advice you. The presentation of arguments in the court is the job of a lawyer but gaining basic legal knowledge (not advanced) is the job of all the citizens. Law keeps us updated with the provisions which are made with a motive to facilitate us only, we are the only one who can take or exercise the benefits provided by certain laws. As where there is a right, there is a responsibility, the same theory is with the law. If you know your rights then you should know your duties also. As soon as the legal awareness percentage will increase, the crime percentage is expected to decrease. We all have to be the active and participating citizens of this country and help the country to touch heights. We can together spread the awareness and make a change.

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