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Women and Justice are the two parallel things, these are the two most unaccommodating words. It's anyway quite surprising why Women and Justice are contradictory to each other. Like why the women are not supposed to get Justice? Is there no law which helps the Women to achieve Justice?

What actually Justice is?

Basically Justice is what one “deserves”. In a narrow sense it is moral values, ethics, equity, fairness and many more things in respect of equality. But if we talk about what will be the broader sense of Justice, it would simply be providing one his dignity irrespective of any kind of immoral discrimination. Discrimination is something which is prevailing in our society from ages and the women are subjected to such immoral practice. Justice is something which is not provided to women in any sense, though there are laws but still women have to suffer all the time.


Usually, when anybody suffers any kind of injustice then they try to seek justice by moving to the courts, filing the FIRs, petitions and what not. This is the basic formula in order to get justice.

Does women have access to justice?

Women have the access to justice but merely a few are rewarded the Justice. There are so many physical injustice which takes place with women and the irony is women can’t move to court in order to secure justice, this is basically due to the unethical mentality of the society.

Violence Against Women Is Disagreeable:

A woman goes through a lot in her life, let it be domestic violence, sexual harassment, dowry death, rape, assault, trafficking and many more such heinous offences. Do any woman deserve all these acts to be committed on her?

Domestic violence is the most common crime now as this is the story of almost every house and also, this is obvious in a society where women are considered inferior and the ideology behind it is that as a man is earning and goes out to do work, he has a right to do any thing and due to this mentality, women are subjected to such heinous crimes and it includes rape, forced sex or marital rape and the list is never ending. And then the utmost thing is that law being the savior protects the women from such offences by providing the punishment of 1 year or fine or both under Domestic Violence Act, 2005. Then the sexual harassment usually involves the sexual assault and then if we talk about rape, it is the most dreadful act, be it a rape of a minor or marital rape. Nevertheless, law has provisions which provides rigorous punishment to all the wrong doers but such injustice still prevails in the society and this is due to the terrible mentality of the people. Law being the savior provides each and every provision so that everyone who faces injustice can approach to the courts but the thing is women usually do not get access to the courts and silently faces all such immoral acts. The reasons behind this could be threatening by the family members, unawareness and the most important- fear of losing her reputation, dignity and family. In this modern era also, a rape victim is viewed as a criminal in the eyes of the society and that's also just because of the mentality.

There are three social injustices that women face at a large scale :

1. Education: There are severe barriers for the girls in order to get quality of education, get an opportunity to be educated and get an equal status in the society.

2. Illegitimate Marriages: Unlawful marriages are in trend worldwide, be it a forced marriage, child marriage or any other. Without the permission of the women, they are forcefully married to someone and then suffers through the crimes like domestic violence.

3. Gender based violence: Gender based violence is the foremost injustice as women are considered as inferior and the violence may include the physical violence, sexual violence, economical violence and many more.

The laws are provided to us but we are not aware. The crimes mentioned are committed against men also but still a large percentage of women have to suffer through all this. There are some special acts too but awareness is required.

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Aug 22, 2020

Important matter


Aug 19, 2020

To sum up we can aware the society if any women face any type of violence they have the right to lodge their complain under domestic violence act 2005 so that offender can get tough punishment because women's are the future of India as well as whole universe so they also have the equal right as similar to mens and all should respect womens


Aug 16, 2020

Important Matter of discussion


Aug 16, 2020

Its a high time people discuss this s issue.


Aug 16, 2020

very rightly said that the thing lacking in our society is awareness and also, the mentality.

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